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Sightseeing train

We are also  preparing train sightseeing trips for you. The assumed roads are:

Kokořín Valley – Kokořín Castle – Kokořín Village,

Kokořín Valley – Pokličky (little lids), Ráj (Paradise).

Photo gallery

Information kiosk

 ...it serves visitors of the Kokořín valley and castle Kokořín in order to rest and to obtain basic information about the region and its natural and cultural attractions. The new information and something additional

Kiosk was built in accordance to the character of neighboring objects, i.e. restaurant Pobuda and the public toilets. PC kiosk provides visitors with a wide range of information about the locality in which they are just visiting. The information kiosk include PC setup with permanent high-speed internet connection and allows you to obtain information on the protected landscape area of Kokořín, Central Bohemian region, cultural monuments, etc. A separate part of the information kiosk is mainly focused on the elements of the environmental education. Information kiosks are accessible to the general public and their use will be free of charge.

Bike rentals and a locker room

We offer two different types of types of bikes. You have the choice of riding the really sporty one or give a preference to a stylish retro bike. In any case, we care for your safety and to a rent the bike you suggest to rent a helmet free of charge as well.

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